ProShield® Fabric & Laundry 1 gal. (9 lbs.)

Size: 1 gallon


 The Problem: MRSA and other Superbugs are often transmitted through the use of sports equipment, surfaces and fabric. 

The Solution: ProShield® eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, including Staph/MRSA, and continually inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi for up to 50 washes.

ProShield™ is an antimicrobial laundry additive that provides long-term protection against odor and infection causing bacteria, mold and fungi. 

Product Benefits: 
• Provides antimicrobial protection, odor eliminators and stain releasers to any washable fabric.
• Strongly recommended for new, unused laundry linens and uniforms to provide an initial barrier against bacteria and germs that will last the entire life of the product.
• Add 6% on weight of goods (6 pounds ProShield® to 100 pounds of laundry). 
• Protection continues throughout entire life of fabric.
• Protects fabrics from bacteria such as Staph and MRSA. 
• The antimicrobial technology in ProShield® helps protect fabrics from potentially harmful infection causing bacteria such as staph and MRSA. 
• Provides freshness and combats deterioration and discoloration caused by bacteria and fungi. 
• The antimicrobial technology in ProShield® is proven to work and has been used safely in medical and consumer products for over 30 years. 
• Great for athletes that bring home stinking equipment and laundry. Athletic towels have proven to be major transfer routes for staph and MRSA bacteria. 

• Great for medical laundry application in the elimination of 99.9% of bacteria in linens.  



ProShield® Usage Guideline:
1 lb (16 oz.) ProShield® per 20 lbs. laundry
5 lbs (80 oz.) ProShield® per 100 lbs. laundry
9 lb ProShield® (1 gallon container) per 180 lbs. laundry
45 lbs. ProShield® (5 gallon container) per 900 lbs.

Run a complete wash cycle, including final rinse and extraction. Start a new cycle and fill the machine with hot water (120º F or higher). Add 6% on weight of goods (6 pounds ProShield® to 100 pounds of laundry). Run for 20 minutes at 120º F or higher to exhaust the ProShield® Fabric & Laundry. Drop the bath without rinsing, extract, unload goods, and dry as usual. By following these directions, ProShield® laundered fabrics are good for up to 50 regular washes before re-application of the product is needed