Dazzle Cleaner/Degreaser 1 Gal. Concentrate

Size: 1 gallon

 Dazzle Non-Butyl Cleaner/Degreaser 420

Dazzle is the ultimate state of the art product for cleaning effectiveness, safety to personnel, and harmlessness to the surfaces to be cleaned. The particular combination of detergents and emulsifiers in Dazzle has proven to be more effective in emulsifying oils in all applications tahn any butyl cellosolve type cleaner encountered in the market. This effectiveness is accomplished without the use of potentially hazardous chemicals (such as caustic soda or butyl cellosolve) in its formulation. As a result, Dazzle is less irritating to the hands and skin. It is low-foaming, therefore easily rinsed leaving no residue after drying. It contains a very fresh fragrance which leaves cleaned areas with a clean, fresh presence, not a heavily perfumed aroma. Additionally, Dazzle deodorizes as it cleans, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms, garbage cans and other areas where odors can be a problem. U.S.D.A. A4, A8

*Dazzle is a concentrate 2oz per gallon of water. Coverage per gallon 1,500 sq. feet.


Appearance:  Light green liquid
pH (as is): 12.5 - 13.5
Specific Gravity: 1.05
Weight: 8.75 lbs. per gallon